Protec GmbH - Vertrieb für elektronische Bauteile - Bauelemente für MIL Und HighRel - ARINC429, CAN, ARINC717, ARINC, Mixed Signal Asics, Radiation Hardened, RadHard, Rad Hard, Microsemi, VMI, Calramic, Semelab, Intersil, VPT, Aeroflex, Central Semi, APT, Custome, Rectron, Isolink, FMI, Excalibur

About us

Protec GmbH was founded in 1976 and is successful in the sale of electronic components for high reliability and niche markets.

We are particularly specialised in highly qualified components for industrial, military and space applications.

In instances of obsolescence and supply problems, we can also offer our customers effective solutions with our extensive product and market knowledge.

Our customer orientated warehouse, equipped with a modern ESD protection system, guarantees reliable component supply.

With our design-in and market orientated expertise, we can provide long term support for your projects and applications.

Through our distributor and rep strategy, we are the "extended arm" of our manufacturers and, when required, we can put you in direct contact with our manufacturers' specialists.

Our first priority is the long term and successful partnership with our customers and manufacturers.


Renesas / Intersil Analog & Power ==> Space only
Honeywell Aerospace Microelectronic
BAE Systems RadHard Semiconductors
SEMICOA Transistors
Honeywell HighTemp
Q-Tech Oscillators
MOOG Protokraft Optical Transcievers
Reflex Photonics Optical Transcievers
HOLT IC Arinc and MIL Bus
FLUX A/S Magnetics
Reflex Photonics Optical Transceivers
SMC Commercial Diodes
VPT DCDC Converter
TT Semelab Diodes / Transistors
CalRamic Highvoltage Capacitors
VMI Highvoltage Diodes
Excalibur Avionic Testcards
Rectron Diodes
IsoLink Optocopplers

Ultra Communications
Twilight Technology Obsolete Memory
TTSemiconductor HighTemp Memory
XRel High Temperature Parts
TCS Space Memory
FMI Oscillators
TRAD Radiation Testing
Cobham (Aeroflex Colorado Springs Digital)
Cobham (Aeroflex Gaisler Digital and IP)
Cobham (Aeroflex Metelics / HigRel Diodes/Transistors)
Cobham (Aeroflex RAD Test Services)
Cobham (Aeroflex Planview Analog & Power)
MSC (Microsemi)
Custom Electronic

Contact Persons Sales

Hermann Lindbüchl

General Manager &
Key Account Manager

Christian Mayer

General Manager &
Senior Sales Manager